Perm Placement Services


Accion knows that technology organizations need permanent staff to develop, maintain and grow their IT assets. With rapid evolution of flexible staffing models, work-from-home models and an acute mismatch and demand and supply of IT talent; hiring perm staff is harder today than it was a decade back. Accion offers a comprehensive perm-staffing model through which it offers organizations access to thousands of talented technology people across a range of technologies, skill levels and roles.

In the past 5 years, we have helped over 30+ organizations hire over 300+ resources such as developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, PMs, BAs, scrum masters, network/infrastructure engineers and IT managers/directors.

Since 90% of our clients are technology firms, we have deep experience hiring resources with experience in emerging technologies such as cloud, SaaS, Web 2.0/RIA, open-source, mobility, social media, BI/analytics and big data.

Salient Features of the Perm Placement model

  • We follow a comprehensive 4-step metrics-driven selection process – Initial screening, tech interview, personal interview and background check.
  • We treat hiring process just like product delivery life-cycle, going through all phases starting from requirements to final delivery.
  • We spend significant effort in learning softer aspects of our client’s organization and culture to ensure a good attitude and culture match (beyond just the technical skills match!)
  • We offer a range of resources – development resources (custom and packaged software), business analysts, QA resources (manual and automated testing), systems/infrastructure resources (DBAs, Unix/Cloud admin, etc) and leadership resources such as team leads, architects and PMs.
  • We have a database of 14,000+ resources in addition to other job portals.
  • We setup a dedicated client-services team for each of our clients which includes a) A dedicated Account Manager b) an Aligned Resource Manager and c) a Solution Cluster Lead.
  • We leverage a number of tools throughout our service life-cycle such as an Applicant Tracking System, a Video Screening tool and a custom-developed Onboarding tool
  • We offer “private labeled” hiring where we represent our client firms through the entire talent acquisition lifecycle

Why Accion Labs for your Perm needs?

  • We focus on emerging technology hiring for tech firms
  • Accion has a strong brand and receives over 1000+ inbound resume submissions each month
  • A strong talent acquisition team with deep technology background to quickly understand client’s unique custom needs.
  • Ability to offer a range of “Outcome-oriented” staffing models
  • A dedicated account manager is your single point of contact for all of your interaction with Accion.
  • We strive to get 1 in 2 closure ratio for our perm hiring model
  • We know perm hiring requires building relationship with candidates and “selling” our client’s brand to candidates

We are different because we focus on:

Relationships – We get to know your company on a personal level to anticipate and serve your needs.
Quality – Our candidates represent the top 20% of professionals within their areas of expertise
Culture - We learn what makes your business unique to identify the right candidates, the first time.
Flexibility – We customize our approach to align with your organization’s goals – from start to finish.
Delivery – We are responsive, dedicated, and passionate about connecting you with top talent.