Alliances and Partnerships

Accionlab’s partnerships with technology leaders enables us to innovate and offer complete and customized solutions to our customers.
The synergistic relationship with technology leaders also helps us in identifying important technology trends and creating real value and genuine growth for our customers. We work with the following partners:


Kony is a cloud based mobile application development platform. Kony allows businesses to design, develop, deploy and manage multiple applications from a single platform. Kony has been popular with developers that work on native mobile and web apps. Kony’s platform also provides tools that assist in rapid iterative design and backend services that help with the integration and orchestration of development tools and frameworks.


Docker is a container as a service platform that helps DevOps teams build, ship and run applications from anywhere. It does this by allowing teams to create applications from micro services without any concerns for variability between the production and development environment of applications. Docker also provides a UI to manage the design, development, testing and distribution of an application.


Chef is an automation platform that converts complex infrastructure into code and thus brings it to life. Chef automates the way applications are deployed, configured and managed throughout the network. Chef is designed to achieve the centralized modeling of IT infrastructure. Thus, anything that can run the chef-client can be managed by Chef.


Hortonworks is a software firm that focuses on open source Apache Hadoop. Hortonworks is known for its open source Data Platform, which is propelled by Apache Hadoop. The platform focuses on integrating existing data architectures to Apache Hadoop.


MariaDB is one of the world’s most popular open source relational database. It is founded by the original creators of MySQL. MariaDB makes storage and querying from the database easy. Moreover, MariaDB also provides dynamic column support. This means that it allows for a NoSQL type functionality and thus a single database can provide both SQL and Not only SQL functionality depending on the project’s needs.


MongoDB is a No SQL document oriented database. The database is created using a collection of documents. Each collection contains multiple sets of documents that function as an equivalent of relational database tables. This type of database allows for dynamic schema designs and as a result, it allows documents to have diverse structures and fields.

Calm is an automation platform designed to manage modern data center environments such as hybrid-cloud infrastructures and micro service architectures. can also work with existing workflow and configuration management tools as AWS and Azure. also makes it possible to automate various functions across multiple providers from a single node.

Strategic Partnership


TORI Global is a management consulting firm and are also trusted advisors to the world’s leading financial services companies. To deliver end-to-end digital realisation we have combined the advisory services of TORI Global with the development skills of Accionlabs. By teaming up we ensure that you get the best of both worlds and benefit from a holistic approach to your digital transformation.